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To really know the full Leopold story and the evolution of conservation in the U.S. read his other essays, articles and letters collected in the books pictured above and listed below.  Some of these articles were previously published but not easily available and others published for the first time, many 40 years after Leopold's death. 

There are many other books and articles written about Aldo Leopold's conservation ideas and values.  However, two authors have a long history with the Leopold family in Burlington, starting during their PhD dissertation interviews in the 1970's and 80's and their repeated recent visits here in support of Leopold Landscape Alliance goals and landscape scale conservation.

Curt Meine's biography, Aldo Leopold, His Life and Work, 1988 & 2010, covers his entire life and is a wonderful read.  Curt is a Senior Fellow at Aldo Leopold Foundation.

Susan Flader's numerous writings about Leopold date back to her important volume, Thinking Like a Mountain: Aldo Leopold and the Evolution of an Ecological Attitude toward Deer, Wolves and Forests in 1974.  Susan is a member of the Board of Directors of the Aldo Leopold Foundation, and past president.

  • Game Management, Aldo Leopold, 1933.
  • A Sand County Almanac & Sketches Here and There, Aldo Leopold, 1949, and still in print.
  • Round River, from the Journals of Aldo Leopold, edited by Luna B. Leopold, 1953.
  • A Sand County Almanac with essays from Round River, edited by Luna B. Leopold, 1966.
  • Aldo Leopold's Wilderness, edited by David Brown and Neil Carmony, 1990.
  • The River of the Mother of God, edited by Susan Flader and J. Baird Callicott, 1991.
  • For the Health of the Land, edited by J. Baird Callicott and Eric Freyfogle, 1999. 
  • Leopold: A Sand County Almanac & Other Writings, edited by C. Meine, The Library of America, 2013.


Timeline for Aldo Leopold  1887-1948


1887-1904   Burlington Youth

                    Summers at Les Cheneaux Club, Lake Huron, MI

1904-1909  Prep School in NJ and Yale Univ. CT.

1909-1924  US Forest Service, Arizona and New Mexico

1913-1914  Recuperation in Burlington

                   Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce during war yrs

                   Forest Service Regional Office, Albuquerque

1924-1928  Forest Products Lab, UFS, Madison, WI

1928-1933  Midwest Game Surveys, IA Conservation Plan work

                   and writing Game Management text

1933-1948  Univ. of Wisconsin Wildlife Management Program

1935            Study trip to Germany

1936            The Shack – first season of recovering land health

1937            " Marshland Elegy" written

1940's         Period of prolific essay writing

1944            "Thinking Like a Mountain" written

1948            Heart attack fighting neighbor's brush fire




 "Establish a Park on Illinois Shore"

Article quoting Aldo' views on Burlington park planning                                          Hawk Eye Newspaper c. 1918-July1919

"It seems to me that Burlington is overlooking a remarkable opportunity in not acquiring the riverbank on the Illinois end of the new bridge for park purposes" said Aldo Leopold yesterday.

Mr. Leopold, now a citizen of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is spending a few days with his mother in Burlington.  It is his first visit here since the new ridge became an accomplished fact and he was at once impressed with the possibility of the east end of the bridge, a place of real value to Burlington instead of the eyesore it is likely to become if neglected.

"Many a city has spent hundreds of thousand of dollars in laboriously developing public recreation grounds within trolley distance of the edge of town." contunied Mr. Leopold, "but not one city in a hundred has a ready-made recreation ground within ten minutes walk of the very center of town.  The building of the bridge has offered Burlington one of these ready-made parks.  (Read more of the article)



The Mississippi River valley is an important Leopold landscape for the wild things and  recreation opportunities.